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More ads sales within
your video content

Each and every video, every scene could
be a place for an ad, native ad! No more
predefined placements in blind-spots: pre-
mid- and post-rolls.


Less hurt
to your users

Keep users loyal by serving native video
ads: relevant to their realtime interest.


Fairly priced

NativeOS won't require any prepayments or
hurtful volume commitments — we charge for every 1000 of frames analyzed with the system.

Give me some native ads!

Inspired by Future

We created the Index of Native Advertising (INA), combined it with computer vision and distributive semantics

Safe for your clients

Brand Safety analytics will ensure
your client his ad will be placed in
the brand safe enviroment.

Native Evolution

Our ads are natively built-in into
video content, therefore they don't
get blocked by Adblock. We deliver
right message to right people.